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There are two major calendars used in the Trade Culture: the Akalet Luna-Solar calendar, and the Rennali solar calendar.

The present day is 2643 Genu Akaleto, or Year of Akalet, abbreviated 2643 GA.

The present day is 760 Genu Rennalio, or Year of Rennali, abbreviated 760 GR.

  • The mean solar year of Sedes Draconis is around 467.84326 times as long as its solar day. In other words there are a little more than 467 and 5/6 days per year.
  • The northern solstice year, which the Akalet Calendat is based on, is 467.84310559 local days long.
  • The vernal year, which the Rennali Calendat is based on, is 467.84394026 local days long.
  • The sidereal year is 467.85597487 days long.
  • The synodic month is 36.33622 days long, which means there are on average 12.8754 new moon between one Vernal Equinox and the next.
  • The draconic month is 33.58402 days long.
  • 2216.5 days (about 4.75 years) is a good approximate saros, or eclipse cycle, being very close to 61 synodic months and 66 draconic months.
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