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"And something written in a conscript is, of course, a context. And the person who writes such contexts, presumably performing other practices such as conworldery and conlangery, is, of course, a conartist."
- Dudicon

The ConScript Directory is a gallery of invented writing systems; inspired by Omniglot and cooked up on the Zompist Bulletin Boards.

As part of the Mandate of the Directory, these scripts are not auxilliary writing systems that are intended to be better or more logical ways of writing existing languages. Instead, these are intelligent, artisitic creations meant to exist in context of fictional settings.

The script profiles here contain work that is not by the site maintainer. They are specifically not covered by the Creative Commons License that covers the rest of the website. Licensing is determined by the individual artists. Contact information may be available from the maintainer, with the permission of the artist.


The Directory

Related Links

Similar Collections

A truly impressive collection of NatScripts. Unfortunately, I was almost equally unimpressed with their invented scripts section, which is why the Directory exists.
A vast collection of ConLang profiles.
Our Conlangs 
A list with links of the Constructed Languages of Zompist Bulletin Board regulars, maintained by Ghost.

Honorable Mentions

Virtual Verduira 
Zompist hasn't submitted any scripts here, 'cause he has no need to. I put a stub of Verdurian in the Directory when I was developing the template to present for feedback on ZBB. So, go to Virtual Verduria to check out his other scripts. Especially Elkarîl, a most excellent non- (but near-) human language and writing system.
An a priori language by John Quijada. He sent it to me for consideration, but I decided that while it was most impressive, it didn't fall under the Mandate. So it gets a link here.


This will eventually be a description of the guiding goals and criteria of the ConScript Directory, and an account of its development. But I'm limited in time right now, and I prefer to use it on submissions rather than meta-.

For now, check what I've said at ConScript/Submit for criteria.

An initial brief on development, it's an idea that came out of discussion on the Zompist Bulletin Boards (and, as yet, all the submissions come form members of those boards, though others are surely welcome). It is in response to Omniglot: on the one hand Omniglot is a wonderful resource, on the other it has a very poor representation of ArtScripts.

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