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A ConScript by gach.



External: Though the script is alphabetical, it is largely inspired by Devanagari, mostly the appearence and the conjunct consonants. (See also "Used to Write")

Notable Features:

  • Written horizontally from left to right.
  • When two consonants occure together special conjuct consonants are used
  • Semivowels (w, j, r) have each two graphemes, a consonantal and a diacrical. The diacrital letters have also slightly different forms for using at both sides of vowels. The diacrital marks are used when a semivowel occures in between of a consonant and a vowel (C_V), between of a vowel and a consonant (V_C) or at the end of the word after a vowel (V_C). In all other situations the consonantal letters are used.
  • Marking pitch is used only for theoretical purposes. In normal texts it's not used. Letters with a line under them (an acute in transcription) are in high pitch and leters with a dot under them (a diarhesis in transcription) are in low-creaky pitch. When pitch is marked the remaining vowels with no diaricts are in mid-low pitch.

Used to write: A group of experimental languages made in order to investigate different typographies, namely isolating, inflecting and polysynthetic. At the moment all the langs are in the beginning of their creation process.




Combining semivowel diaricts with vowels:

Note that all semi vowel + vowel + semi vowel combinations are possible. These shown here are just for example.

Pitch diaricts:

Pitch marking is optional.

Sample Text


Valmì (the name of the script)

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