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Ewi and the Beginning of the World

Being an Account of the Time before the World
And of How the World Came to Be

As Told by the Takental Dwarves

Before anything, there was the Light, and nothing else. Boundless, unchanging, and unblemished.

How long the light lasted no-one can be say, for Time was meaningless without change. No eye yet saw the Light. The Light was known only to itself, and it speaks but rarely, and never of the time before Time.

Then awoke Ewi. Ewi awoke in pain and confusion and fear, for Ewi was alone in all that was, and the Light hurt Ewi's eyes. Ewi awoke knowing nothing but that first pain of the Light, and Ewi lashed out at the Light, and the unblemished Light was shattered. Now there were places where the Light was not, and there was a new thing, darkness.

Ewi had hit out against the Light and shattered it with primal strength, and now the Light shrank away from Ewi. And the darkness was blackest where Ewi was. And the darkness frightened Ewi also, for everything that Ewi saw and felt was new and strange.

And Ewi called out to the Light, asking it to come back, but the Light would not speak to Ewi, nor would it come to Ewi. Finally Ewi decided that the Light was not like Ewi, and did not speak. Then Ewi reached out to the Light to gather it back to around Ewi, but as Ewi touched the broken shards of the Light, Ewi was cut on the sharp edges.

And again Ewi lashed out in his pain and bewilderment. Twice now the Light had hurt Ewi, and the Light would not speak to Ewi. And Ewi stamped across the heavens kicking at the Light and breaking it and shattering it, until the Light was broken into tiny pieces and scattered through the darkness.

And as Ewi kicked at the Light and broke it and scattered it, Ewi was cut on the sharp fragments, and Ewi bled from a hundred tiny cuts.

The powdered Dust of the broken Light collected at the bottom of the sky, as did the Blood of Ewi, and there the World formed of the mixture. All the substance of the World, the earth, and the stone, and the metal, and the waters, are formed from the mixing of the Dust of the Light, and the Blood of Ewi.

At the surface of the world, where the shining Light still fell, there awoke the Spirits of the World. Some of the Spirits were stronger, and some weaker, and each with a nature according to its composition.

Those spirits who awoke from the Dust primarily were Sprites, and they delight in beauty, and the way things are. For them, the ability to understand the World around them, and so they care for the world and have great compassion. But they have no ambition, and no will to change, or to grow.

The spirits who were mostly of the Blood were the Demons, and they delight in doing, and changing the World, and in Power. They have the will and the power to mold the World, and they can accomplish many things. But they lack understanding, and the compassion it brings, and the love of beauty does not move them. So each Demon acts only for its own delight, and would sooner destroy, than build, and what they do build, they wish to keep only for themselves.

Note that the terms "Sprite", "Demon", and "Angel" are only translations. They are meant to give a feel for how each is regarded, but they should not be taken too literally.

The third order of spirits are those who were born of the joining of the Dust and the Blood, and they are Angels. These spirits alone are whole, and born from both forces of the primal Sky. They have both the will to change the world around them, and the understanding to direct their actions for good, and growth, and beauty.

Were it not for the Angels, the world would be cold and lifeless, for the Demons would have long ago destroyed all, and though the Sprites might have lamented, they would not, could not, have acted to save the beauty of the World.

In the deeps of the World, a different thing happened. The great weight pressed on the Dust and the Blood, and squeezed them into the minerals of the Earth.

Composed primarily of light are the great shining gemstones, Diamond, and Amethyst, and Sapphire, as well as the Silver, the Shining Metal. Tin, too is mostly of the Dust.

Where the Blood of Ewi was strong came many metals. Copper is one such, which is why Copper and Tin come together to make a substance greater than either, Bronze.

But where the Blood was purest there came Iron, and this is why it is known as the Blood Metal. Iron is the metal of distilled power and ambition, and many things can be accomplished with Iron, both for good and for ill, the Iron cares not. Because Iron is the metal of ambition, it does not hold still in the Earth, it invades the substances around it, and is almost never found pure, so that it must be smelted. To mine Iron is a dangerous thing for it releases great power from the bonds of the stone, and the Iron must then be forged, and given a shape, and thus its unbridled power is directed to a purpose.

Where mineral was formed of both Blood and Light, many wondrous things were formed. Best known of them all, is Gold, the Noble Metal. Gold, like Iron, is ambitious and is often found mixed with other metals, where it quests through the Earth, but it does not mingle with as base substances as does Iron. Both Iron and Gold can be found in rivers, when the metals have found their way out of the depths, to be picked up in the flowing water.

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