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    • Class Mammalia
    • Subclass Placentalia
    • Order Perissodactyla
    • Superfamily Hyracodontoidea
    • Family Hyracodontidae

A gadla (plural "gadlêt") is a medium-sized domestic animal that is the most widely kept livestock in the Trade Culture. It is kept for its wool, meat, leather, and (among dwarves and humans) dairy products. Gadlêt, though fairly small, are also kept as draft animal for plowing and pulling carts, since no larger draft animal is as common.

A gadla is about 1 meter tall, 1.5 meters long and fairly lightly built. Females weigh around 60 kg, males about 75 kg.

Gadlêt were originally domesticated by the dwarves, by the Hedha culture around -4500 GR (about 5300 years before the present).

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