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This page was created in the old UseMod version of the wiki and has been flagged as problematic or redundant due to organizational differences in the wikis.

Here's some sketches to help visualize the goblins.



The original sketch (by Amelia). The area around the whiskers I had to smudge around on the computer, 'cause we didn't figure out what they looked like soon enough.

Umm, I need to write up torvir hair. They've got a lot of it, and a lot of different types. To give a sense of it for viewing the picture: There's the crest-hair, which is like unto human hair, except it's a narrower band along the top of the head, and grows all the way from the forehead to between the shoulder-blades; goblins often braid this, in one of several different styles. Then there's the poofy hair at the sides of the head, which is light greyish, often with some yellow (blondish) coloring. Then there's the basic fur, which is a light covering over the face and body of light grey hair.

The dark lines around the eyes are not eyebrows (there's no need since their foreheads are furred), but just dark facial markings in the fur. These can be handy features for identification, since the exact shape varies among both individuals and populations.



Also by Amelia, this one shows of the non-human shape of the face, and the crest to good effect. Jekano here is female, which is fairly subtle to eyes accustomed to humans (plus the fact that the male picture above, is from a totally different perspective), the most obvious feature is the "muzzle" is slightly shorter and rounder.

The difference between orcs and goblins is also hard to tell from these pictures, since it the obvious differences have to do with body shape and size, and coloring.

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