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Trade Tongue:
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Anthropus gracilis

Humans are a species of sentient hominid. They are a species from the Eladirí savanna around the River Âderin. They belong to the genus Anthropus, along with dwarves.


The highest concentrations of populations are in the savanna and the surrounding woodlands, but humans are widespread throughout areas of the Hajasith north of the Edgewall and south of the Iirik Kata'at. Humans also have a strong representation in cosmopolitan areas. Until the last century, humans were the most populous of the Trade Culture species, but the goblin population now exceeds the not quite 19.5 million of the human population.

Physical Characteristics

A human's body is much lankier then a dwarf's, to have more surface area to radiate heat, an adaptition to the savanna. A human's nose is shorter and broader, adapted to hotter, drier air.

Females range from 150 to 180 cm and 40 to 65 kg. Males average 15 cm taller and 23 kg heavier.

Human skin ranges from light brown to deep tan, often with an olive-tinted skin, which is in contrast to the other eurycephalines, which have reddish skin. Eyes are dark brown to black, or occasionally grey. Hair colors range from sandy to very dark brown, and is medium to fairly coarse, and ranges from wavy to tightly-curled.

Life Cycle

As eurycephalines, humans have very long gestation periods, young that are less altricial than dolicocephaline young, and corresponding lower infant mortality rates.

Gestation Period: 280 days

Skull Fusion: 3 years

Base Infant Mortality: 1 per 10 live births

Weaning: 2.5-6.5 years, average 3.75 years

Physical Maturity: 13-16 years

Life Span: 90 years

See the Life Cycle Key for definitions of characteristics.

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