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Earth Analogues

Order Hyracoidea on Earth is a small order (one recent family, six species). They are the hyraxes (or dassies): smallish, somewhat rabbit-like animals from Africa. Though they have many functional and superficial similarities to rabbits, their closest relatives are actually the other subungulates, the elephants and the sea cows.

On Sedes Draconis they are much more diverse, having evolved on the isolated Hajasith continent, and fill many of the rodent-type niches (and a few others) while true rodents evolved in the South. They have many of the same dentition adaptations as rodents (even on Earth).

Hyraxes have no real name for themselves in English. "Hyrax" is a somewhat alien construction, and is from the Greek word meaning "shrew-mouse". On Earth, they are in family Procaviidae, meaning "early guinea pig". Their other common names are "cony" (which really means "rabbit") and "dassy" (which really means "badger").

After consideration, I'm going to use "dassy" as the translation of the common name for this group of animals on Sedes.


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