Imirn Script

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Imirn Script

Imirn Script is an abugida written right to left.

Imirn Script is a highly distinctive descendant of very early forms of the Kedan Script. Though versions of Imirn Script were once used to write several languages, in the current time, the script is only used for the Imirn Language itself. It is believed that the Sêrela Script was inspired by contact with an early form of Imirn.

Table of Consonants

Table of Vowels, Free Standing

Table of Vowels, Diacritics

The modern form, pretigious form of the Imirn Script is designed to be written with a small set of modular shapes. Most Imirn hold their script in great regard and use meticulous care when they write with it. For formal uses, the script is sometimes written with a set of 16 blocks (like stamps or dies):

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