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The Kedan alphabet is the predominant writing system on the Hajasith. It is used to write Trade Tongue as well as many other languages.

There are several written styles of Kedan, including a Standard Monumental style, several cursive styles, and several calligraphic styles. The glyphs presented below are the most common cursive style; this style is designed for a rigid-point implement such as a stylus on wax tablet, or pencil on paper.

Calligraphic Kedan is usually written with a fine-tipped round brush (as opposed to the flat brush of Sêrela Calligraphies).

Each language that uses Kedan has its own orthography, and therefore a distinct (if related) sound-letter correspondence system. This page addresses the Trade Tongue orthography as an example and standard sound-letter system for the alphabet.

The Kedan consists of 25 letters and 9 sub-letters. The order of the letters is shown in the table below. The Trade Tongue name is also given for each letter.

Presented Glyphs are for standard Kedan cursive. In this style all the letters of a word are joined together. Accordingly, each letter takes a different form based on whether it is free-standing (FS), at the beginning of a word (word-initial: I), in the middle of a word (word-medial: M), or at the end of a word (word-final: F).

Glyph Trans-
Letter Name Notes and Variations
# FS I M F Kedan Translit'd
1 Image:Kedan_Ket_Free.png Image:Kedan_Ket_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Ket_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Ket_Final.png K / k k Image:Kedan_Ket_Name.png Ket
2 Image:Kedan_An_Free.png Image:Kedan_An_Initial.png Image:Kedan_An_Medial.png Image:Kedan_An_Final.png A / a ɑ Image:Kedan_an_Name.png An
Image:Kedan_Awan_Free.png Image:Kedan_Awan_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Awan_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Awan_Final.png  / â æ Image:Kedan_Awan_Name.png Âwan Âwan is a sub-letter of An.
3 Image:Kedan_Ren_Free.png Image:Kedan_Ren_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Ren_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Ren_Final.png R / r ɾ Image:Kedan_Ren_Name.png Ren
Image:Kedan_Rret_Free.png Image:Kedan_Rret_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Rret_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Rret_Final.png Rr / rr r Image:Kedan_Rret_Name.png Rret Rret is a sub-letter of Ren.
4 Image:Kedan_Iath_Free.png Image:Kedan_Iath_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Iath_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Iath_Final.png Th / th θ Image:Kedan_Iath_Name.png Iath
Image:Kedan_Ios_Free.png Image:Kedan_Ios_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Ios_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Ios_Final.png S / s s Image:Kedan_Ios_Name.png Ios Ios is a sub-letter of Iath.
5 Image:Kedan_Nol_Free.png Image:Kedan_Nol_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Nol_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Nol_Final.png N / n n Image:Kedan_Nol_Name.png Nol
Image:Kedan_Nov_Free.png Image:Kedan_Nov_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Nov_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Nov_Final.png Ñ / ñ ɲ Image:Kedan_Nov_Name.png Ñov Ñov is a sub-letter of Nol.
6 Image:Kedan_Shon_Free.png Image:Kedan_Shon_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Shon_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Shon_Final.png Sh / sh ʃ Image:Kedan_Shon_Name.png Shon
7 Image:Kedan_Dor_Free.png Image:Kedan_Dor_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Dor_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Dor_Final.png D / d d Image:Kedan_Dor_Name.png Dor
8 Image:Kedan_Odh_Free.png Image:Kedan_Odh_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Odh_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Odh_Final.png O / o o Image:Kedan_Odh_Name.png Odh
9 Image:Kedan_Tor_Free.png Image:Kedan_Tor_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Tor_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Tor_Final.png T / t t Image:Kedan_Tor_Name.png Tor
10 Image:Kedan_Bet_Free.png Image:Kedan_Bet_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Bet_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Bet_Final.png B / b b Image:Kedan_Bet_Name.png Bet
11 Image:Kedan_En_Free.png Image:Kedan_En_Initial.png Image:Kedan_En_Medial.png Image:Kedan_En_Final.png E / e e Image:Kedan_En_Name.png En
Image:Kedan_En-Kun_Free.png Image:Kedan_En-Kun_Initial.png Image:Kedan_En-Kun_Medial.png Image:Kedan_En-Kun_Final.png Ê / ê ɛ Image:Kedan_En-Kun_Name.png En-Kun En-Kun is a sub-letter of En.
12 Image:Kedan_Chi_Free.png Image:Kedan_Chi_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Chi_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Chi_Final.png Ch / ch t͡ʃ Image:Kedan_Chi_Name.png Chi
13 Image:Kedan_Lel_Free.png Image:Kedan_Lel_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Lel_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Lel_Final.png L / l l Image:Kedan_Lel_Name.png Lêl
Image:Kedan_Llan_Free.png Image:Kedan_Llan_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Llan_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Llan_Final.png Ll / ll ɬ Image:Kedan_Llan_Name.png Llân Llân is a sub-letter of Lêl.
14 Image:Kedan_Eng_Free.png Image:Kedan_Eng_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Eng_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Eng_Final.png Ng / ng ŋ Image:Kedan_Eng_Name.png Eng
15 Image:Kedan_Ul_Free.png Image:Kedan_Ul_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Ul_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Ul_Final.png U / u u Image:Kedan_Ul_Name.png Ul
16 Image:Kedan_Met_Free.png Image:Kedan_Met_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Met_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Met_Final.png M / m m Image:Kedan_Met_Name.png Met
17 Image:Kedan_If_Free.png Image:Kedan_If_Initial.png Image:Kedan_If_Medial.png Image:Kedan_If_Final.png I / i i or j Image:Kedan_If_Name.png If
Image:Kedan_If-Kun_Free.png Image:Kedan_If-Kun_Initial.png Image:Kedan_If-Kun_Medial.png Image:Kedan_If-Kun_Final.png Î / î ɪ Image:Kedan_If-Kun_Name.png If-kun If-Kun is a sub-letter of If.
18 Image:Kedan_Zet_Free.png Image:Kedan_Zet_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Zet_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Zet_Final.png Z / z z Image:Kedan_Zet_Name.png Zet
19 Image:Kedan_Ve_Free.png Image:Kedan_Ve_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Ve_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Ve_Final.png V / v v Image:Kedan_Ve_Name.png Ve
Image:Kedan_Fe_Free.png Image:Kedan_Fe_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Fe_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Fe_Final.png F / f f Image:Kedan_Fe_Name.png Fe Fe is a sub-letter of Ve.
20 Image:Kedan_Wen_Free.png Image:Kedan_Wen_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Wen_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Wen_Final.png W / w w Image:Kedan_Wen_Name.png Wen
21 Image:Kedan_Dhan_Free.png Image:Kedan_Dhan_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Dhan_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Dhan_Final.png Dh / dh ð Image:Kedan_Dhan_Name.png Dhan
22 Image:Kedan_Gem_Free.png Image:Kedan_Gem_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Gem_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Gem_Final.png G / g g Image:Kedan_Gem_Name.png Gem
Image:Kedan_Xo-Gem_Free.png Image:Kedan_Xo-Gem_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Xo-Gem_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Xo-Gem_Final.png X / x
C / c
x, c,
or k
Image:Kedan_Xo-Gem_Name.png Xo-Gem Xo-Gem is a sub-letter of Gem.
23 Image:Kedan_Hu_Free.png Image:Kedan_Hu_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Hu_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Hu_Final.png H / h h Image:Kedan_Hu_Name.png Hu
24 Image:Kedan_7an_Free.png Image:Kedan_7an_Initial.png Image:Kedan_7an_Medial.png Image:Kedan_7an_Final.png 7 / ' ʔ Image:Kedan_7an_Name.png 7an
25 Image:Kedan_Jad_Free.png Image:Kedan_Jad_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Jad_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Jad_Final.png J / j ʒ Image:Kedan_Jad_Name.png Jâd

 * "Standard IPA" is intended only to give an idea of the sound the letter might make. Of course with the Kedan in use in so many languages and dialects, there is no simple sound-letter correspondence.

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