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The Kedan alphabet is the predominant writing system on the Hajasith. All dwarf, gnome, goblin, human, orc, Trade Tongue, and troll words and names given on site are transliterations of their Kedan spellings, as well some elven ones.

Kedan is written in several different styles, including a Standard Monumental, several cursive styles, and several calligraphic styles. The glyphs presented below are in the most common of the cursive styles, used to write with stylus and wax tablet, and with several kinds of pencils. Calligraphic Kedan is usually written with a fine-tipped round brush (as opposed to the flat brush of Sêrela Calligraphies).

Each language that uses Kedan has its own orthography, and therefore a distinct (if related) sound-letter correspondence system. This page addresses the Trade Tongue orthography as an example and standard sound-letter system for the alphabet.

The Kedan consists of 25 letters and 9 sub-letters, listed in their ordering in the Kedan alphabet, that is Ket is the first letter of the Kedan, Jad is the last.

The names of the letters given are the Trade Tongue names, and are themselves written in the standard transliteration. For letters where the pronunciation differs from English expectations in a way that can be easily represented, I have given the pronunciation in the "Sounded" column. In some cases, though, there is no good way to represent a sound in isolation in a way familiar to English speakers, and the pronunciation must be figured out by consulting the sounds given for each letter.

Presented Glyphs are for standard Kedan cursive. In this style all the letters of a word are joined together. To accomplish this, each letter takes a different form based on whether it is free-standing (FS), at the beginning of a word (word-initial: I), in the middle of a word (word-medial: M), or at the end of a word (word-final: F).

Glyph Trans-
Letter Name Standard Sound Notes and Variations
# FS I M F Kedan Translit'd Sounded IPA Examples*
1 Image:Kedan_Ket_Free.png Image:Kedan_Ket_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Ket_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Ket_Final.png K / k Image:Kedan_Ket_Name.png Ket "kate" k King, back, cat
2 Image:Kedan_An_Free.png Image:Kedan_An_Initial.png Image:Kedan_An_Medial.png Image:Kedan_An_Final.png A / a Image:Kedan_an_Name.png An "awn" ɑ Paw, pot
File:Kedan Âwan Free.png File:Kedan Âwan Initial.png File:Kedan Âwan Medial.png File:Kedan Âwan Final.png  / â File:Kedan Âwan Name.png Âwan "a-wahn" æ Cat, alphabet Âwan is a sub-letter of An.
3 Image:Kedan_Ren_Free.png Image:Kedan_Ren_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Ren_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Ren_Final.png R / r Image:Kedan_Ren_Name.png Ren "rain" ɾ Like Spanish pero or Japanese arigato (not the American R). Note that the letter name is pronounce with this r-tap sound, so it is not quite "rain".
Image:Kedan_Rret_Free.png Image:Kedan_Rret_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Rret_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Rret_Final.png Rr / rr Image:Kedan_Rret_Name.png Rret r Spanish perro (trilled/rolled R) Rret is a sub-letter of Ren.
4 Image:Kedan_Iath_Free.png Image:Kedan_Iath_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Iath_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Iath_Final.png Th / th Image:Kedan_Iath_Name.png Iath "yahth" θ Thin, with, cloth
Image:Kedan_Ios_Free.png Image:Kedan_Ios_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Ios_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Ios_Final.png S / s Image:Kedan_Ios_Name.png Ios "yose" s See, lost, moss, cats Ios is a sub-letter of Iath.
5 Image:Kedan_Nol_Free.png Image:Kedan_Nol_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Nol_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Nol_Final.png N / n Image:Kedan_Nol_Name.png Nol "knoll" n No, cannon
File:Kedan Ñov Free.png File:Kedan Ñov Initial.png File:Kedan Ñov Medial.png File:Kedan Ñov Final.png Ñ / ñ File:Kedan Ñov Name.png Ñov "ñove" ɲ Onion, Spanish niño, French ligne Ñov is a sub-letter of Nol.
6 Image:Kedan_Shon_Free.png Image:Kedan_Shon_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Shon_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Shon_Final.png Sh / sh Image:Kedan_Shon_Name.png Shon "shone" ʃ Ship, action, crash
7 Image:Kedan_Dor_Free.png Image:Kedan_Dor_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Dor_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Dor_Final.png D / d Image:Kedan_Dor_Name.png Dor "door" d Door, said
8 Image:Kedan_Odh_Free.png Image:Kedan_Odh_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Odh_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Odh_Final.png O / o Image:Kedan_Odh_Name.png Odh "oathe" o Oat, wrote
9 Image:Kedan_Tor_Free.png Image:Kedan_Tor_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Tor_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Tor_Final.png T / t Image:Kedan_Tor_Name.png Tor "tor" t Tap, cat
10 Image:Kedan_Bet_Free.png Image:Kedan_Bet_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Bet_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Bet_Final.png B / b Image:Kedan_Bet_Name.png Bet "bait" b Bean, hobbit, sob Kedan has no letter for [p], the sound is written either Bet Ket (Bk), or just Bet.
11 Image:Kedan_En_Free.png Image:Kedan_En_Initial.png Image:Kedan_En_Medial.png Image:Kedan_En_Final.png E / e Image:Kedan_En_Name.png En "ayn" e Ape, great, hay
Image:Kedan_En-Kun_Free.png Image:Kedan_En-Kun_Initial.png Image:Kedan_En-Kun_Medial.png Image:Kedan_En-Kun_Final.png Ê / ê Image:Kedan_En-Kun_Name.png En-Kun "ayn coon" ɛ Et cetera, let, said En-Kun is a sub-letter of En.
12 Image:Kedan_Chi_Free.png Image:Kedan_Chi_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Chi_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Chi_Final.png Ch / ch Image:Kedan_Chi_Name.png Chi "chee" t͡ʃ Chick, which
13 File:Kedan Lêl Free.png File:Kedan Lêl Initial.png File:Kedan Lêl Medial.png File:Kedan Lêl Final.png L / l File:Kedan Lêl Name.png Lêl "lell" l Lamb
File:Kedan Llân Free.png File:Kedan Llân Initial.png File:Kedan Llân Medial.png File:Kedan Llân Final.png Ll / ll File:Kedan Llân Name.png Llân ɬ Welsh Llangollen Llân is a sub-letter of Lêl.
14 Image:Kedan_Eng_Free.png Image:Kedan_Eng_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Eng_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Eng_Final.png Ng / ng Image:Kedan_Eng_Name.png Eng "ayng" ŋ Long, ink Though English never uses this sound at the beginning of the word, it is actually quite common in Trade Tongue and some other common languages of the Hajasith. The number 4 in Trade Tongue is "Ngo"; this is not pronounced *"Ing-o", but with just one syllable: "Ngo".
15 Image:Kedan_Ul_Free.png Image:Kedan_Ul_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Ul_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Ul_Final.png U / u Image:Kedan_Ul_Name.png Ul "ool" u Boot, you
16 Image:Kedan_Met_Free.png Image:Kedan_Met_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Met_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Met_Final.png M / m Image:Kedan_Met_Name.png Met "mate" m Mail, stem
17 Image:Kedan_If_Free.png Image:Kedan_If_Initial.png Image:Kedan_If_Medial.png Image:Kedan_If_Final.png I / i Image:Kedan_If_Name.png If "eef" i Eat, cheif, many Usually an If in front of another vowel makes a Y sound as in yes, or the beginning of Europe (IPA j). For example Iirîk, "yeerik"
Image:Kedan_If-Kun_Free.png Image:Kedan_If-Kun_Initial.png Image:Kedan_If-Kun_Medial.png Image:Kedan_If-Kun_Final.png Î / î Image:Kedan_If-Kun_Name.png If-kun "eef coon" ɪ It, sit, twin If-Kun is a sub-letter of If.
18 Image:Kedan_Zet_Free.png Image:Kedan_Zet_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Zet_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Zet_Final.png Z / z Image:Kedan_Zet_Name.png Zet "zait" z Zoo, dogs
19 Image:Kedan_Ve_Free.png Image:Kedan_Ve_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Ve_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Ve_Final.png V / v Image:Kedan_Ve_Name.png Ve "vay" v Valley, moving, of
Image:Kedan_Fe_Free.png Image:Kedan_Fe_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Fe_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Fe_Final.png F / f Image:Kedan_Fe_Name.png Fe "fay" f Fair, life, rough Fe is a sub-letter of Ve.
20 Image:Kedan_Wen_Free.png Image:Kedan_Wen_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Wen_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Wen_Final.png W / w Image:Kedan_Wen_Name.png Wen "wain" w Wand, quit
21 Image:Kedan_Dhan_Free.png Image:Kedan_Dhan_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Dhan_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Dhan_Final.png Dh / dh Image:Kedan_Dhan_Name.png Dhan ð The, then, clothing Letter name pronounced like "then" but with an "ah" sound instead of an "eh" sound.
22 Image:Kedan_Gem_Free.png Image:Kedan_Gem_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Gem_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Gem_Final.png G / g Image:Kedan_Gem_Name.png Gem "game" g Goat, bog G is always hard as in goat, never as in George.
Image:Kedan_Xo-Gem_Free.png Image:Kedan_Xo-Gem_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Xo-Gem_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Xo-Gem_Final.png X / x

C / c

Image:Kedan_Xo-Gem_Name.png Xo-Gem x


Scottish loch, German Bach Xo-Gem is a sub-letter of Gem.
23 Image:Kedan_Hu_Free.png Image:Kedan_Hu_Initial.png Image:Kedan_Hu_Medial.png Image:Kedan_Hu_Final.png H / h Image:Kedan_Hu_Name.png Hu "who" h Hunt
24 Image:Kedan_7an_Free.png Image:Kedan_7an_Initial.png Image:Kedan_7an_Medial.png Image:Kedan_7an_Final.png 7 / ' Image:Kedan_7an_Name.png 7an "'on" ʔ Hawai'i, Hebrew 'Aleph This is the same sound as the middle of "uh-oh", or the beginning of "uh-huh". Another example (thanks to Mark Rosenfelder) is: John Lennon saying "bottle".

I apologize for any issues people have with my choice of Roman transliteration for the glottal stop. Our writing system offers only bad options to choose between, no good ones.

25 File:Kedan Jâd Free.png File:Kedan Jâd Initial.png File:Kedan Jâd Medial.png File:Kedan Jâd Final.png J / j File:Kedan Jâd Name.png Jâd ʒ vision, French jardin Jâd (by itself) is never a hard J, as in judge. The hard J sound is often written with a Chi instead, since Trade Tongue does not distinguish these two sounds.
  • English example pronunciations are given in Far Western US dialect. I can't guarantee the accuracy of non-English language examples. Examples are only approximate, if you know IPA, that's the better guide.
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