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Order Perissodactyla

  • Class Mammalia
    • Subclass Placentalia
      • Order Perissodactyla

The Perissodactyla are the older of the two great groups of large, placental mammalian herbivores. The more recent Artiodactyla evolved in the south, and do not exist on the Hajasith. The Perissodactyla are an older group and evolved before the continent bearing the placental mammals split into its northern and southern pieces (respectively the Hajasith, and the eastern Kellsith, now) and a few Perissodactylan species still survive in the South, but most of their diversity is on the Hajasith.

Family Equidae

Family Equidae exists primarily on the Hajasith, where it has radiated into a large number of forms. Some archaic Anchitheres also exist on the Kellsith.

  • Subfamily Anchitheriinae
  • Subfamily Euhippinae
  • Subfamily Hipparioninae

Family Tapiridae

Only a handful of Tapiridae species exist, on both the Hajasith and the Kellsith.

Family Chalicotheriidae

Family Chalicotheriidae is endemic to the Hajasith.

Family Hyracodontidae

Family Hyracodontidae is endemic to the Hajasith.

Family Indricotheriidae

Family Indricotheriidae is endemic to the Hajasith.

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