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Public Discussion

All logged in users may use the Talk: namespaces to comment on the content of this wiki and are strongly encouraged to use this ability to provide constructive feedback.

Ideally, each logged in user would also be able to edit their own User: space, however this ability is not yet implemented.

Discussion Guidelines

In using Talk: pages, please do not delete anything not written by you, you should only add things to the discussion. Also, only delete things you yourself have added for very good reasons. Discussion pages should be a record of all discussion.

Discussion May Be Moderated

I retain the right to moderate discussion pages on this site as I see fit. I will use this right as little as possible while maintaining an appropriate atmosphere.

Discussion is not Included in the Author's Copyright

All pages in a "User:" or "Talk:" namespace (including "User_talk:", "Sedes_Draconis_talk:" and other talk namespaces) are specifically exempt from the primary Author's copyright. They are still subject to the Sedes Draconis:License under which the rest of the site is published, and by posting in any namespace, you agree to release anything you write under the terms of that license.

Disclaimer Regarding Discussion Functionality

Please note that the functionality to seperate user permissions for editing Talk and normal pages does not come with the basic MediaWiki package, and I am using a 3rd party extension: Talkright, and I can't guarantee that is functionality will always be available. I will error on the side of protecting the main content from public editing at the cost of discussion where necessary, but I will do my best to keep public discussion possible.

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