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The Gimmick: Magic

My prime departure from reality is in the area of "magic". Partly this is because it was one of the original aspects, before I started being as hardcore scientific; and later I was too attached to scrap the whole thing. But partly also because it allows for interesting possibilities. It is what set the stage for Sedes Draconis to evolve the broad similarities of life to Earth that it has, but to diverge in the particulars. Also, I think the magic is itself internally consistent, and interesting enough to be forgivable.

But only just. Given the nature of my project, magic will always be an annoying rough spot for me. This is why I have largely avoided putting much information up about the magic yet, I want to make sure it is presented properly and boost it as far into the realm of forgivability as magic can possibly be in this situation.

Unfortunately the lack of presentation of magic, is also holding up the explanation of a number of important evolutionary and historical phenomena. Gah! Coming soon, I hope.

They say in science fiction you're allowed one gimmick. I like to think I have taken my one gimmick, and then everything else follows realistically from there. Luckily, I believe that most other people who might be interested in this site are much more forgiving of the magic than I am. I hope.

Note: I'm fine with magic other stories, just not completely comfortable with it in this one. I'm perfectly fond of a number of fantasy writers.

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