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The content of this website is copyright (©) Aidan Elliott-McCrea 1995-2009, and published under a Creative Commons License.

Where work on this site is specifically described as being done someone other than the author (for example, several of the sketches), these works are specifically not covered by this license and should be considered to be copyrighted by the original artist unless otherwise noted.

The specific license the site is under can be viewed here. Briefly, the license allows anyone to copy and make derivatives of this work, under three conditions: they must attribute the original work, they must be non-commercial, and they must be "share alike". See the specific license for details.

Any of the conditions of the license may be waived with the author's consent.

If you create a derivative work that complies with this license, you are not under an obligation to inform me about it, but I'd be interested to hear about it anyway.

This content was previously published under an older version of the same license.

I have tried to layout as clearly as possible the terms under which this site is published. However, I am also busy working on the site itself, and not a legal expert. If you find an internal inconsistency, or anything of questionable legal status, please assume it is a good-faith mistake or omission and notify me about it.

Where I find that other people are in violation of the terms of this site, I will likewise assume a good-faith mistake, except in the face of strong evidence, and work to find a solution with the individual wherever possible.

Aidan 13:28, 3 May 2007 (PDT)

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