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Solar System


Trade Tongue:

Sedes Draconis orbits a G0 star, a slightly hotter, brighter star than Sol called Lêl in Trade Tongue.

This star was first classified by the Terrans in the late 1800's to early 1900's C.E. HD #72659 (or as BD -1 deg, #2075). At the time, from Earth, it was 167 light years away and at Right Ascension 8 hours 29.0 minutes, Declination -1° 14'.

Seen from Earth at that time, it was just in front and below the head of the constellation Hydra.

Though typically, a G0 star is heavier than Sol, HD #72659 is lighter to its relatively low metal content.

Star Statistics

  • Type: G0 V
  • Mass: 1.917*1030 kg
  • Temperature: 6030 K
  • Luminosity: 5.83*1026 watts
  • Peak Wavelength: 481 nm


  1. Doshu
  2. Jeñshu
  3. Sedes Draconis (Sânat)
  4. Elu
  5. Êbash
  6. Zekunatos
  7. Lotinê
  8. Planet 8 (unnamed)
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