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Azimuthal view of the Hajasith, marked with Theadn coordinates.

The Theâdn coordinate system is the most standardized system in the Trade Culture. It was set out by Theâdn, a gnomish mathematician around 620 GR. Note that it is not widely used, most people navigate by routes, not abstract coordinate systems. But since it is the most systematic way of describing location, it is used for this site.

It uses the gnomish angle measurement system, in which a circle is divided into 144 parts, called "degrees" here for convenience, (see also Unit Conversion).

Latitude is divided into two quarter circles of 36° measured out from the poles. So each pole is at 0°, North and South, and the Equator is 36° latitude. Latitude is described in terms of "degrees out from North/South", or just "degrees out", since the Northern hemisphere can be assumed in most cases.

Longitude is measured in two half circles (72°) East and West with the Zero Line (also called "Center Line") going through Ghelth, and the 72nd line going off into the Ahasbex tundra region. Longitude is counted out as "lines West/East", e.g. "12th Eastern line".

Specificity and completeness of description vary, so Tâl Katar's position could be referred to as anything from "Seven and a half degrees out from North, 3rd Western line" to "Eight out, 3rd West".

Though members of the Trade Culture have rarely been more than 18° from the North Pole, that very proximity made the calculation of the world's shape and diameter a relatively easy matter, and those figures had been agreed upon in knowledgeable circles well before the development of the Theâdn system.

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