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Earth Analogues

As members of the Palinura, the Xhikil's distant ancestors were analagous to the spiny (or Spanish) lobsters of Earth:


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miscellaneous notes, should be moved

Autotomy: ability ot break off legs or antennae if caught (by predator, in molt, etc.). Break at special joint (fracture plane) and sealled quickly, no significant loss of blood. Can replace with next molt (formed completely but compactly in last joint). In young individual, about three molts to bring appendage to full size. May reduce weight gain during those molts by 8-15% per appendage. Such injuries fairly common (15% Carribean lobsters per season).

Puncture of carpace: poor ability to seal off, easily prove fatal.

Eye can be lost similar to antenna or leg. As long as base of stalk is intact, eye can be regenerated. Eye stalk also produce molt-inhibitor hormone, lose of eyestalk may cause uncontrolled molt, leading to exhaustion and starvation.

sense wave surge with mechanoreceptor hairs. Angle and depth of waves give navigation information

tame ambulocetids? Not domesticate, can't breed in salt water.

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