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Sêrela Script

A ConScript by Aidan




Notable Features:

  • Written from top to bottom, left to right.
  • Featural Syllabary. Each syllable is written with a stem that indicates the initial consonant (or a blank stem for a syllable beginning with a vowel), plus marks for the syllable's vowel, tone (not always marked), and final consonant (if any).
  • The vowel is marked to the top right of the stem. It is present in all syllables except syllabic [n].
  • Tone is marked to the left of the stem, and is generally vertically centered in the syllable. It is marked primarily for Classical Sêrela, and for poetics and educational texts. Tone varies between the vernacular dialects, and it is usually in most writing. The contour values given on the charts for the tone are the archetypical Classical values.
  • Final consonant is marked to the bottom right of the stem, below the vowel. Classical Sêrela syllables have final consonants maybe a third of the time, or less. Not all consonants can be syllable final in Classical Sêrela. Those that can't do not have standard forms in the script.
  • All the syllables of a word are joined together. A break indicates a new word.
  • Sêrela Script is typically written with a broad brush. The brush held broad side perpendicular to the line of text for stems and tone marks. It is turned 45° counter-clockwise, so that the brush slants up and out (rightward) the stem for vowel and syllable-final marks.

Used to write: Classical Sêrela, Sêrela Vernacular Dialects, Noçesh.


Sample Text

Sa1kalw4 E4ro2si4a13 A1i13le2
E4ro2si4ôll4 Sa1ka4lwe2 The2ra14
A4te1lhi21 I2slli44se2 E4ro2si4a13

Sakalw, Erosiôll[gen.], Ailel[gen.]
Erosiôll, Sakalw[gen.], Theral[gen.]
Atelhinê, Isllite[gen.], Erosiôll[gen.]

Sakalw, of Erosiôll, of Ailel
Erosiôll, of Sakalw, of Theral
Atelhinê, of Isllite, of Erosiôll

The Classical forms of the names of three Sêrela elves. It can be deduced from the names that these are a father, mother, and their married daughter.

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