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Features are extended projects of potentially ongoing interest, that may well contain interesting or valuable information.


ElfQuest Guide

ElfQuest is a comic series that has been very influential on my brain as a whole, including on my world-building aesthetic. This is my reading guide for people starting out on ElfQuest, or wanting to catch up.

Berlin-Kay/flickr Analysis

A plot of flickr color description data from the flickr API against the Berlin-Kay model.

House Elf Domestication and Sociobiology

An analytic conbiological essay putting forward a possible history of House Elf-Wizard interaction with an eye to explain House Elf psychology.

GURPS Uplift Species Generation Tables

A set of interacting, random tables for generating alien species (non-sentients, primarily), based on GURPS Uplift 1/e by Stefan Jones, based on the universe of David Brin's Uplift books.

Beginning Conbiology

My recommended reading list for books (and videos) to start the beginning conbiologist, based in my own reading (and prejudices :P).

The ConScript Directory

A collection of ArtScripts, inspired by Omniglot and discussion on the zbb.

Future is Wild

Review and thoughts. More in-depth thoughts on individual species to come, starting with the Babookaris.

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