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The Peoples Portal

This portal covers the peoples of Sedes Draconis: groups of sentient inhabitants. Covered by this portal are articles covering cultural groups as well as sentient species.

A list of all pages covered by this portal can be found at Category:Peoples

Featured Article: Gnome

Trade Tongue:

Gnoma albescens

Gnomes are a species of sentient hominid from the Hajasith, whose origins are in the Iravn badlands. They are the sole living species of the genus Gnoma.


A significant number of gnomes (about 1 million) still live on the Ghêreda's flood plain in the middle of the Iravn, but they have expanded throughout the Hajasith except across the Rimwall. They maintain several other high concentration areas (totaling 3.5 million), as well as numerous nomadic populations and a disproportionate representation in cosmopolitan areas (these last two categories are hard to sharply delineate, but they compromise an additional 5.5 million gnomes between them).

Physical Characteristics

Gnomes are the smallest living hominids. Females range from 110 to 135 cm and 22 to 40 kg. As is standard to dolicocephalines, sexual dimorphism is slight, males average only about 3 cm taller and 4 kg heavier.

Featured Picture: Jekano.jpg
One of the goblin sketches done by Amelia. This one shows of the non-human shape of the face, and the crest to good effect. Jekano here is female, which is fairly subtle to eyes accustomed to humans (plus the fact that the male pictured in Image:Aganwi.jpg, is from a totally different perspective), the most obvious feature is the "muzzle" is slightly shorter and rounder.

The difference between orcs and goblins is also hard to tell from these pictures, since it the obvious differences have to do with body shape and size, and coloring.

Notable Peoples Articles

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