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The Places Portal

This is the portal for finding content related to places on and around Sedes Draconis. Covered by this portal are articles about the geography of the planet Sânat, as well as articles about other objects in Sanât's solar system.

A list of all pages covered by this portal can be found at Category:Places

Featured Article: Iredjolsith

"The Land of Mangroves"

The Iredjolsith is a large archipelago in the Northern Hemisphere of Sedes Draconis. It extends from 18° from North (Theâdn Polar Coordinates) down to 15° from North; and from the 101st line in the East to 122nd line in the West

The Iredjolsith is approximately 560,000 km² of dry land, another 640,000 km² of land of intertidal zone low and high tide, and 6.7 million km² of shallow sea around it. The land is mostly split up into many small islands. ((See how this compares to areas on Earth.))

The name "Iredjolsith" is constructed in parallel to the other names of the other continents, the Hajasith and Kellsith, as named by the orcs, though the continent is not actually known to any of the Trade Culture.

Featured Picture: Hajasith Physical.png
Hajasith Physical.png
Physical map of the Hajasith.
Notable Places Articles

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