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Rambles are short pieces that will probably never be revisited. If I wrote them now, I'd be writing them in Livejournal instead.

(2002.10 or so): I seem to be writing one monthly so far since I started, missing only September. We'll see how long it lasts.

(2004.03.22) Well, it lasted about a year and a half or so. Originally, a big part of the purpose of the features was to make sure I wrote something at least once a month. Then I went back to school. Now (well endish of last year) I've acquired a LiveJournal. At least half of the stuff that became features towards the beginning, I'd probably do as LiveJournal entries now. So, forcing myself to do a monthly feature really isn't serving its purposes anymore, so I'm going to stop having that as an expectation.

Since it's no longer monthly, I'm going to go ahead and break up the strict chronological ordering, and break it up into two sections.

(2007.08.16) As part of cleaning up the wiki after import, and making the Features section more presentable, I have moved rambles to a separate page.

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