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A Non-Community Wiki

This website is not a standard wiki, in that it is not designed to be edited by a community of users. It is designed to be edited mostly only by the primary author of the Sedes Draconis world, User:Aidan. I chose to use a wiki format to put my work online back in late 2001/early 2002 after I started using Wikipedia in its early stages. I found that the wiki structure was an excellent fit for my methods of thinking and working, and allowed me to publish my content better and faster than any other format I have found.

I am generally in favor of the community-based approach of wikis and I am slightly uncomfortable to be using it in a privativist manner; but I believe it is the best choice for publishing this content. It is not my intent to zealously protect this content, only to protect my presentation of this content here. To this end I have compromised by limiting the editability of the wiki, but publishing it all under a Creative Commons License.

Logged in users may edit Talk pages and comment on any page per the Discussion Policy and are encouraged to do so.

A MediaWiki

After 5 years of using the UseModWiki software, I converted the site to using MediaWiki in early 2007.

An Exercise in World-Building

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