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2010.09.12, Sunday
I have fixed all of the mismatched files from the character encoding problem.

Also, I did one more round of spambot account deletions. Once I looked back at the account list, with all the other spambots cleared out, I noticed a collection of dictionary-word account names all created on 2009.04.10/11, which I felt confident diagnosing as a spambot.

2010.04.07, Wednesday
I've forced it to find the upload directory, but there was also garbling of unicode in file names. So for uploaded files with non-ascii names there's now some mis-matches between what the wiki thinks the file names are and what the file system thinks they are. I haven't figured out how to solves this problem yet, and I haven't gotten to the point yet of manually re-uploading everything.

2010.04.05, Monday
Upgrading the wiki software made a mess. The site was down for a couple days, but it's back up now. There are still a couple problems, most notably, it's still having trouble finding the image directory. Also, there has been some garbling of Unicode in page names, which I am in the process of correcting.


2009.11.16, Monday
I've started working on a new version of the map. A new short story went up: The Snow Dancer!

Also, I'm doing another round of deletions of accounts created by spambots. I'm trying to error on the side of not deleting accounts, but if you have a valid account deleted, I'm very sorry. If you lose any information, watchlists or the like, let me know and I'll see what I can do to recover it. This time I've added a captcha to the account creation, so I hope not to have to do this again.

2009.09.04, Friday
Hard disk unrecoverable. Don't know when I'm ever going to have the patience to rebuild the whole map :-/

2009.07.04, Saturday
The images are re-uploaded. There are a couple errors that need diagnosing and fixing, but mostly the website is back to where it was before the server crash!

On the other front, my hard disk repair is currently waiting on parts. As I understand it, I've been waiting on parts long enough that I should be bumped near the front of the line when the parts come in. Not going to think too much about the possibility that they won't be able to find parts.

2009.07.01, Wednesday
I cleaned up the User List to remove a bunch of presumably bot-created accounts. Specifically some hundred-odd accounts with random letter names of the format XxxxxXxxxx have been merged and banned. I don't think I have accidentally banned any real accounts, but if you find yourself banned for no reason, let me know and I'll fix that.

2009.07.01, Wednesday
The install is mostly re-built. The main remaining problem is that all the images need to be re-uploaded.

2009.06.22, Monday
The server crashed, but did not burn. No data was lost, but the file structure needed to be rebuilt and mediawiki had to be re-installed. Those are done, but things are a little weird and broken while the settings get restored and extensions get re-installed and configured.

2009.06.12, Friday
Old hard disk has been escalated a couple of times to more capable companies. I think the one that has it now will finally be able to recover it. I hope.


2008.05.16, Friday
After putting aside the disk for a while in order to be able to deal with life, it is now in the hands of a data recovery company. The electronics around the disk have to be physically rebuilt, so it's going to take a while. But chances are better than even that the disk itself is fine and I could get all my data back. ETA: I could not get all my data back.

2008.01.29, Tuesday
My hard disk crashed, with the most recent versions of several labor-intensive files for Sedes Draconis. This will slow done updating the wiki for some time.


2007.04.29, Sunday
kellan helped me upgrade my mediawiki install yesterday (and re-import from usemod, as it turned out). Hurray!

For the moment, only my computer can actually see the wiki, because it thinks it's at a certain url, but that url doesn't actually point there. So a /etc/hosts delusion is required to see the wiki for now.

I think I've got the permissions working the way I want them to, once I added the talkright extension: non-logged in users can:

  • read pages
  • create accounts to log in with

logged-in users can:

  • read pages
  • create and edit Talk pages (i may restrict this to e-mail confirmed accounts in the future, not sure.)

sysops can:

  • edit any page
  • do other sysop stuff

So i've got a new version of the Sedes Draconis wiki that I can edit and other people can comment on, which is great.

I'll probably in the future create some kind of "trusted reader" account level by which I can empower certain people to flag and/or correct my mistakes if they feel like it.

There's some crime work to be done. Mediawiki and UseMod have drastically different ways of handling images, so all the images in the wiki are broken.

I'm going to need the UseMod install for a while as an reference/archive, particularly until I get the mediawiki install cleaned up. But I hope soon I'll get pointed at a reasonably cleaned-up version of the new install, and move the UseMod wiki to an archive url.

2007.04.04, Wednesday
Updates have been limited and sporadic for some time, while I got my head eaten by various things. Currently, I'm hoping to get the site fully migrated to a new server and a new wikisoftware, but the process is stalled waiting on outside forces. I won't be making any substance updates until the migration is complete, since the database is already transferred. When that is complete, it will hopefully motivate me to get recent work ready for presentation on the site.


2004.02.24, Tuesday
The entire website is Grey today in honor of Grey Tuesday.

2004.02.20, Friday
Up to this point, the glyphs for hand-written Kedan were only visible in the names of pages, e.g. Gnome, Dhozan. I'd been resisting doing a systematic page, somewhy.

Then I realized that my current page for Kedan has a mixed purpose. It's partly to talk about Kedan, and partly to provide a key for transliteration and pronunciation. So. I'm starting work on splitting up those two functions and allowing each to go, now unrestrained by the other. But it's probably going to take a while, and those two pages, Kedan and Transliteration, may be dysfunctional for a while, not to mention all the pages that link to them. But, enough time waffling. Time to Forge on!


2003.12.09, Tuesday
I designed the hand-writing system for the Kedan over the weekend. Since then I've added Kedan or Sêrela spellings for a bunch of pages. In particular, I've done all the species and cities that have pages and for which it makes sense for their name to be written in one of those writing systems. I'll try to put up a page for the Kedan hand-writing soon.

2003.10.24, Friday
So I got my conceptions of Caviomorpha torn apart recently, largely courtesy of Naked Celt (thank you). So I have to revise the Caviomorpha which were a major taxon of the Hajasith. I had two options, one was I could either fold Caviomorpha back into Rodentia, and expand the diversity significantly.

But I also picked up some info on hyraxes recently, and the other option is to still leave rodents off the Hajasith, and replace them with an expanded Order Hyracoidea. And that offered too much fun to pass up. Hyraxes do have the same design (independently developed) of ever-growing, self-sharpening teeth as rodents, so I don't even have to stretch too far to allow them to take over the continent.

Continent of the Hyraxes :) Now comes the work.

2003.08.01, Saturday
I'm starting an addition of "Earth Analogue" boxes to biology pages. Discussing briefly which animals on Earth the topic is analogous to, and what the major divergences are. Caviomorpha is was the flagship (see 2003.10.24 announcement). Feedback on whether this is effective at making the site more friendly to non-biologists would be appreciated.

2003.03.28, Friday
So, I got a revision of the iconic map up, though it's still a little questionable, more revisions may be needed. But not the biome map yet.

In other news, my server set up an 'httpd-accelarator', which caches cgi results. This is kind of a pain from the editing end, since it means my edits don't show up right away, but it shouldn't have any negative effect on viewing. Unless you hit a page, that I made a stupid mistake on (a very real possibility), then fixed, but the fix hasn't shown up yet. Luckily, the lag looks like it's turning out to be pretty short. (And if you notice some of the weird RecentChanges stuff recently, that's my struggle with it before I knew what was going on.)

2003.02.09, Sunday
Major Map Revision coming up. I discovered much to my chagrin that one of the cartographers I had trusted and used extensively as source material in my Hajasith maps, had a, shall we say, faulty understanding of the Theâdn Coordinate System ;)

A new map is underway, but may take a little while. The overall layout of the current map is accurate but scale is off, both absolute, and relative between regions, requiring a lot of little fiddling to update the old map.


2002.10.02, Wednesday
Whooo-hoo! The Gnomish Culture Test is listed as of two days ago.

2002.09.27, Friday
I've just decided to change my transliteration scheme (for Kedan) so that what had been transliterated as "e" will now be "ê", and like what had been "i" will now be "î". it might take me awhile to get all of them, though. I might later decide also to change "é" and "í" to plain "e" and "i", but not yet (if ever) .

I changed my mind, I am going to switch "é" and "í" to plain "e" and "i", though I'll be less strenuous about catching them all right now than I will with the other change.

2002.06.16, Sunday
I got the Gnomish Culture Test finished and posted finally! I have not yet mailed Mark Rosenfelder about it, to get it listed with the rest of the Culture Tests. I still want to do some more editing, but I hope to get it listed soon!

2002.06.06, Thursday
Somebody recently came to my site (four times) from a Google search for "c sound in cat is it fricative?". So let me just take this moment to say, "No. It's not". It's a full stop; in this case a unvoiced velar plosive, written as /k/ in IPA.

2002.06.06, Thursday
I got the Biome Map up! And revised all the map pages.

2002.04.15, Monday
I have set up a stylesheet for the site. The main change that it makes so far is that the text is sans-serif, and that a link is only underlined if the mouse is over it. But what the effects are can be changed at any moment, that's the wonderful thing about tiggers. Um, that is, about stylesheets. For example, there was a few minutes there, when I was testing it out, all the text was red.

2002.03.03, Sunday.
The new domain is now fully functional. If anyone is still accessing the site via the other domain, be advised that will take you directly to the HomePage.

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