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The Sêreleth are the dominant Elven Culture.

History and Distribution

The Sêrela Renaissance began around -340 GR to restore order to the chaos of the Elfholt after the fall of the Kynesshi Empire. Ever since, the Sêreleth have been the most dynamic elven culture(s).

Most major elven populations outside the Elfholt, those in the Silverwood, the Dimholt, and the KKêsalathe Forest, were founded as Sêrela colonies, and all remain basically Sêrela. Many of the Woodland Clans are also Sêrela.

The Renaissance began in the eastern Elfholt, in the region of present-day Aleth. It quickly spread around the central portion of the Elfholt, which has been Sêreleth ever since. The Tisran Heartlands in the north were not touched. The elves of the southern Elfholt were influenced by the Sêrela, but the Sêreleth have never been really established in that region. Several co-eval or older cultures have maintained their seperate identities in that area, with Jesel and Selêçs as the only major elven population centers outside Heartlands that are not predominantly Sêrela.

In all, probably between 7 and 8 million elves are Sêreleth, out of the total elven population of about 10 million.

See also: Sêrela Language, Sêrela Script.

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