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Earth Analogues

As members of Phalangeroidea, the maruspial torvir are distantly related to analogues of Earth phalangers, such as the cuscus and the brush-tailed possum. Their direct ancestors were probably more similar to extinct phalangeroids, such as the miralinids. In any case, the torvir are as distant from these early relatives as humans are from tarsiers.

Design and Nomenclature Process

i.e., in what way are semi-aquatic marsupials connected to the names "orcs" and "goblins"? to be answered.

Presentation Notes

"The second major group of differences are in those traits for which hominids (or rather, in most cases, hominoids at large, including monkeys as well) have diverged significantly from the mammalian norm, but the torvir have not."

These differences would, therefore, perhaps be better discussed in the description of hominids, since they, not the torvir, are the non-standad group with respect to mammals at large. However from both the perspective of the presumed readers and the perspective of the Trade Culture, hominid traits are the default assumption, these are described as traits of N. torviris, rather than of the hominids.


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